What’s the Initiative all about?

 While working exclusively with vulnerable and deprived community, we have found that for more than 80% families, agriculture is the only way to transform their lives. Yet somehow families largely cannot make it due to lack of technical knowledge and aid, financial networks, and the support of government stakeholders (as many did not know such community even exist). Believing that modern farming techniques and government stakeholder’s support can completely change the lives of thousands of children, we have come up with this innovative solution called ‘SWADESHIRAJ DONATION’.

How it works?

‘SWADESHIRAJ DONATION’ aims to improve the livelihoods of farmers and their families through progressive farming thatdecreases input costs, increases production, connects them with financial networks, and takes full advantage ofgovernment assistanceSWADESHIRAJ DONATION targets the problem of poverty in a context where as many as 80% of families survive by means of subsistence farming. Advanced farming practices with the help of progressive government schemes offer farmers the promise of better standards of living, but in remote and underprivileged communities agriculture workers are still not reaching their full potential. SWADESHIRAJ DONATION seeks to educate farmers about these available practices and government programs in order to propel them towards a future of dignity and a better living wage for them and their families. Consistent and adequate income empowers individuals and creates a better home environment where children are more likely to experience all of their rights.